Handy facts

Your Core Is Crucial For Helping Keep Your Spine In Alignment, As Well As Maintaining Strength In The Rest Of Your Back. Core Strength Helps Keep You Safe From Injuries.

Doing The Bridge Pose Regularly

Strengthens The Back, Buttocks And Hamstrings Stretches The Chest, Neck, Spine And Hips Improves Blood Circulation, Helps Alleviate Stress And Mild Depression

The Burpee Is A Universally Disliked Exercise But Is A Universally Functional Exercise.

Improves Strength And Mobility True Full Body Exercise Working Most Major Muscle Groups While Improving Yourcardiovascular Fitness

Jumping Rope A Few Minutes A Day

Strengthens Your Legs, Glutes And Calves Burns More Fat And Calories Than Typical Cardio Improve Mood, Heart And Brain Function

Squatting A Few Minutes A Day

Strengthen Your Leg Muscles- Quadriceps, Hamstrings, And Calves. Activate Your Glutes And Back Muscles Strengthen Your Joints And Mobility Boost Your Metabolism And Burn Fats

When You Perform Dumbbell Thrusters

Strengthens Core, Upper & Lower Body All In One Improves Posture & Prevents Injuries Boosts Fat Burning And Metabolism

Planking A Few Minutes A Day

Strengthens Your Core, Arms, Legs, Tone Your Buttocks, Builds Abs And Reduce Back Pain Improves Posture And Your Mental Focus

When You Kettlebell Swing A Few Minutes A Day

Strengthens Your Legs, Glutes, Abs & Back Burns More Fat & Calories Than Typical Cardio Boosts Your Metabolism & Mood