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I started with Jos 3 years ago and have consistently trained with him 2 – 3 times per week. My goals were to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass.

This guy is the real deal, absolute legend of a guy and amazing Personal Trainer.

His passion, results driven attitude and genuine care for how I am tracking is second to none. We sit down every 3 – 4 weeks to discuss my progress and realistic goal setting.

The main reason I keep coming back is because Jos is such unique trainer with huge variety in our sessions and the results keep coming – highly highly recommemd Jos.

– Travis Gallagher

Jos is my first PT and since Day 1, i have been enjoying every workout session with him! I am a person who get’s bored with routine and Jos is the complete opposite!

Every session is a different workout session and not only he makes it fun, but he also make me work towards my fitness goals.

With on and off knee issues, he ensures that he checks in on my knee conditions before each session and cater the workout differently depending on my knee condition that day.

I highly recommend Jos and looking at how fit he is at his age makes me want to push myself harder as if he can do it, i should be able to!

– Stephanie Tan

I hadn’t exercised for years when I first started attending a Saturday morning boot camp Jos ran. I loved the boot camp, Jos made it fun and you could work at your own level. As my fitness gradually improved, I started attending personal training with Jos.

I have been working with Jos for about 2 years now and I am extremely satisfied with the results I’m seeing! Every session gets gradually harder as I become stronger and in better shape. We never do the same workouts twice.

The training environment is a fun, open atmosphere, and plenty of great equipment. Jos is an all-around, experienced trainer with extensive knowledge of all types of training. I enjoy both my personal training sessions and group boot camp, which keep me going for the week.

– Rosemary (Age 58)

I’ve trained with Jos for over two years now and I can’t recommend him enough- He’s encouraging without being intimidating and he has a genuine interest in my health and fitness.

Jos keeps me motivated by paying attention to what I enjoy doing and switching up each session.

– Torilee Diamond

I started training with Jos in January 2019. The difference with Jos compared to other trainers is that he has ‘real life’ experience and hasn’t worked in a gym his whole career.

This gives him an understanding nature, free of judgement and he makes you feel supported and encouraged.

I’m a big fan of his home based studio, which is clean, well equipped and private. Highly recommended training with Jos.

– Jaclyn

We have been to Josfit for family personal training sessions for the past 5 months.

He has a balanced approach considering the individual requirements of everyone in family.

He plans the sessions with engaging mix of workouts and games making it interesting for both adults and kids. Extremely happy with the progress.

– Kunnummel family

My goals when I started PT with Jos in 2019 were to lose weight, get toned and have more energy.

With Jos’ invaluable support, I have reached my goal weight and feel strong and energetic.

Jos has been a great support and motivator throughout my fitness journey and he caters my workouts according to my needs and goals.

I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to reach their health and fitness goals.

– Carolyn

From our first session a year ago, he has made me feel so comfortable and our sessions are always unique and fun.

A great workout everytime and Jos is always encouraging me to work at my best! Highly recommend him as a PT!

– Jess Lea

I met Jos in 2019 when I joined a local gym. The goal was to get stronger and fitter and to lose some weight. I met Jos when and he asked me if I was looking for 1.1 coaching. I wasn’t at the time but decided to give it a go.

From my first training session I noticed that Jos was a caring instructor who wanted to help. I told Jos what I wanted. He then worked with me to achieve my fitness goals.

I felt myself getting stronger all the time. He pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Whenever I wanted to give up I would hear the words “ C’mon Maria” and this would help me to keep going. I would recommend Jos to anyone who wants to achieve weight loss and overall fitness as he truly cares about your results.

– Maria Pampoukidis

We started personal training with Jos a few years ago and haven’t looked back. Jos takes the time to plan weekly sessions that meet what we’re after in a fitness program (in our case, to maintain fitness to keep up with our kids).

We highly recommend Jos

– Nick and Kellie
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